Life First Financial

Our Mission

is to help people and businesses create a healthy and meaningful life while reducing the risks associated with health and financial losses but still maintaining the lifestyle you enjoy. Another part of our mission is to empower our clients to make the right choices when it comes to health, wealth, and their family or business needs now and into the future.

Our Vision

During our lives we have the capability to make life what we want it to be. Here at Life First Financial we want to make sure that you are preparing for your life story, “the big picture”. People and businesses have an idea of the life they want and their “ideal self's.” You want to be proud of the life you have led and we want to be a part of that with you. 

Within these 3 areas of life we want to see that all three of these area's life goals are being met according to your lifestyle and believe's. We want to collaborate with your family, business, and you to make sure these goals are being obtained according to your timeline and needs. 

Our Team
James Ferriero, President
Phone: 954-256-5356

When I formed Life First Financial it was to create an enviroment where my clients, associates, and I can come up with strategies to enhance & meet their life goals. I want to be a person that my family, friends, clients, and colleagues can call on to somehow make their lives better. It can be just to say hello or solving a problem they may have. I built the company based on my own personal Values and Principles which are as followed:

- Always be Positive

- Be Honest & Sincere

- Never comprise with who you are

- Make a difference to society in anyway possible

- Listen to others

- Smile & Laugh daily

- Develop new habits to become better

As these are just some of my values and principles I am here to help you with your needs and wants to protect yourself, your loved ones, or anyone else you may care about. We look for solutions that will try to enhance your life in a positive way and will meet your lifestyle. As each one of us has our own unique lifestyle we try to tailor a plan to meet your needs. 

Linda Pierre, Sales Agent
Phone: 954-256-5356

Linda has been known to go out of her way to help her clients achieve optimal health and well being as an insurance agent that specializes in health and life insurance planning. As a mother of 3 children she has come to know how important it is to optimize your health and wellbeing. It has also given her the ability to really be able to listen to her clients needs and wants then come up with a plan of action to pursue their goals.

Laura Gonzalez, Sales Agent
Phone: 954-256-5356
Laura strives to help her clients gather information to make important decisions and feel confident that they have made the right choice for their health insurance needs. Laura will make sure you are comfortable in knowing you have someone to rely on when you have questions. 
Community Involement
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