How does small business health insurance work?


There are four things every small business owner should know about how small business health insurance works.

  • Coverage is generally guaranteed issue

  • You need at least one employee to qualify

  • You must contribute toward employee premiums

  • And you can shop for coverage at any time of the year

Employee Benefits

Your employees keep your business moving. Why not keep them moving and offer them benefits that keep them moving. We work with you and your employees to find the right solutions for all. We customize it to the needs of the business and those that help keep it moving forward. 


  • State and Federal regulation compliance

  • Renewal negotiations

  • Plan document and employee communications review


  • Plan design and implementation

  • Plan integration with health plans

Benefits Consulting and Insurance Brokerage Services

  • Employee Engagement

  • Customer Service

  • Technology

  • Compliance

  • Self-funding/Hybrid funding