How to Maximize your Health Without Minimizing your Cash

Being financially stable sometimes requires big sacrifices. This could range from taking the long way home in order to avoid tolls to cutting out cable. Yet, health should never be cut out in order to save money. Below are a few ways you can maximize your health without completely depleting your bank account.

Budget for Healthy Food Items

You may think you have to get all organic groceries that run your bill high, but that’s not the case. Maximize your health by buying cheap, healthy foods such as oatmeal, fresh fruits, veggies and even canned tuna (in moderation, of course). Remember, whole foods equate to whole health, so buy from local farmers markets, in bulk at grocery stores and a few select items at specialty stores.

Meal prepping can assist in healthy portions and will save you money on buying expensive, organic meals at lunch. A few hours on the weekend can help you prepare for the whole week! Freeze foods such as berries, veggies and even meats to avoid spoilage.

Schedule Your Doctor Appointments Around the Same Time

It sounds daunting, but knocking out your yearly doctor’s appointments in one day can not only maximize your healthy, but help with your budget. However, this would only work if the appointments are in driving distance and spaced out in a timely manner. Personally, I take my birthday off every year, schedule my annual checkup first thing in the morning, get it out of the way and then enjoy the day.

Taking off one day will eliminate the stress of taking off more days from work. Taking off days equals less vacation time, and if you have used all your days, that’s time off that you won’t get paid for. Plus, wouldn’t you rather budget your money, maximize your health and know what you’re spending in one day instead of spreading it out throughout the year?

Use Coupons

Being able to maximize your health has been made easier with coupons. Be on the lookout for deals from Fresh Market, Whole Foods and Winn-Dixie. Sometimes, Publix stores will take Whole Foods coupons.

Although deals may not be on certain foods, you can earn money elsewhere. Winn-Dixie, for instance, will allow customers to acquire money towards gas when they buy bottles of wine. A glass of red wine a night is beneficial, no?

Find Affordable Life Insurance

Researching the best life insurance may not sound like it will maximize your health per se, but it should certainly be a priority of yours. By choosing the right plan, you can be in control of your assets and ensure that they get into the right hands. While also protecting you from other medical conditions while you are still alive and really need the financial protection with certain plans that offer living benefits. Not to mention the other benefits available with permanent life insurance.

Visit for more on how life insurance can truly help you.

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